Welcome to the Centre

Situated in the centre of Nicosia, we offer daily yoga classes, private yoga sessions and shiatsu treatments by appointment. We provide a safe and nurturing environment for people to develop in their physical, emotional and spiritual growth, opening the door to self-transformation, health and happiness.

Treatments & Private Yoga


Shiatsu is applied through stretches and pressure on specific points in the body.  Shiatsu can be very effective for all kinds of physical and emotional problems as well as leaving you feeling exceptionally relaxed and calm.


Shiatsu for Pregnancy

Shiatsu during pregnancy supports the changes in the body and alleviats physical and emotional discomforts. Shiatsu nurtures both the mother and the baby throughout the entire cycle of pregnancy and during the transition of welcoming a new child into life.

Private Yoga

Transform your practice with the individual care and attention a private yoga session offers.  It won’t take long for you to feel the benefits in your body, mind and spirit.



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